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Swimming and thermal baths in the Chiemsee-Alps region

Enjoy bathing and comfortable atmosphere!

Many natural swimming lakes and baths invite to relax.

  • Chiemsee with many bathing places
  • Outdoor swimming pool in Aschau
  • Nature- Moor- outdoor swimming pool in Aschau
  • Langbürgner lake, Eggstätter-Hemhofer lake area
  • Outdoor swimming pool in Hartsee Eggstätter-Hemhofer lake area
  • Lido at Pelhamer lake Eggstätter-Hemhofer lake area
  • Waginger See
  • Tachinger See

Even on cooler days you do not have to do without swimming:

More information about natural bathing lakes in Chiemgau will follow soon!

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